Who We Are

ALTAIR provides the facilities for specialized units to conduct tactical training at every operational level to include weapons, tactics, PSD, evasive driving, medical, water operations, and airborne operations. Customization to ensure desired outcome, privacy, cost effectiveness, logistical support, and exceeding expectations every time, on time is what sets us apart from other vendors/training locations. Training techniques, methodology and privacy are carefully considered in the planning phase.

As a retired Sergeant Major with extensive special operations background, CEO Brian Jones founded ALTAIR to provide training solutions for government (military) specialized teams. The training area consists of the
1150-acre Regional Training Facility, located deep in the Florida Everglades.

The CEO, leaders, and trainers at ALTAIR understand the importance of staying abreast of technology and creating innovative training packages to keep our elite military teams trained and ready to face the threats they encounter in the field and remain successful. When it comes to training, we have the experts. The crew at ALTAIR has been handpicked to fulfill key roles both on and off the field. Founded by retired Sergeant Major, Brian Jones, our cadre is comprised of SOF Forces and Subject Matter Experts (SME’s) in all special operations missions and logistical areas.