Tactical Training

As an exclusive and private gun club, we offer:
  • Concealed carry and firearms training for responsible citizens.
  • Tactical courses that are designed to give the shooter the skill, training, mindset and methodology necessary to properly handle a firearm in a real-world environment.
  • Courses that are customized to meet the needs of each individual student.

Our firearms training course provides students with formal information and training on firearms safety, operation, and basic gun-handling skills.

The hands-on firearms training classes develop the student's skill-set through proper dry-practice techniques and live-fire drills. Our courses prepare you for the tactical application.
Each shooter/student will be challenged in a safe and controlled environment that will take your skills to a more advanced level.

Our instructors are experts who come from all over the United States to share their knowledge, skills and abilities with our students. Many are award winning experts known worldwide. Safety comes first with our instructors -- skills follow!

There are different levels of membership to fit the needs of any marksman. All levels include the option to shoot at stationary steel targets. From the basics to advanced competitions training, ALTAIR is the gun club of choice.
For pistol users, ALTAIR is a “shoot from the holster” only gun range.

Located in Florida’s fantastic Everglades, our training facility offers a variety of outdoor ranges, meeting rooms, and onsite housing for up to 30.

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Contact us at (239) 220-5138 or info@AltairGunClub.com