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Women's Pistol 1

One Day, Low Stress Level: Class is designed for women who want to learn the basic handgun skills required for personal defense in a smaller group setting. Student to instructor ratio (5:1), makes this session safe and comfortable for our students.
Women's Alumni Pistol Skill Building

This two hour session builds on the skills you learned in the Women's Pistol 1 course of the TAC 1. If you are an alumni of either course and have been continued your training this is a monthly session that you want to attend.
BwB 3gun Camp with Kay and Lena Miculek

A 3 day "intensive" training program for experienced handgun students who want to continue training in rifle, shotgun and handgun. This class will be led by top ranked female shooters on the Action Shooting circuit Kay and Lena Miculek. Each has World and National Championships in handgun, rifle and shotgun. Since 2004 the Babes firearms traveling academy has catered to novice female shooters, now with over 4,500 alum across the US. In 2010 the Babes programs started including the three-gun events for the intermediate and advanced students AND allowing the women to invite another camper i.e. a husband (guy friend, boyfriend, brother, etc.) provided the "friend" is an adult over age 18. The friend must have prior experience working with a handgun from a holster and shooting on the move.

Women of ALTAIR

Women of ALTAIR

Women of ALTAIR is comprised of like-minded women of all ages and professions who come together to learn shooting skills, martial arts, self-defense, physical and mental fitness, as well as participate in community fundraising and outreach.  In short we are a group of strong, intelligent, motivated women on a mission to improve our skills so that no matter what happens in our lives we can "Fight Like a Girl -- and WIN"!

Fight Like a Girl…and Win!

This course is aimed at educating women about personal safety in various environments. It will combine situational awareness training, defensive-minded posturing, basic martial arts techniques, physical and mental fitness principles, and a variety of tactics used for self-protection.
WOMEN’S Firearms Familiarization Workshop

Do you have a FEAR of firearms?

Do you feel a sense of panic when there are firearms

Or do you just want to be more comfortable around firearms?