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5.11-jacket   5.11 jacket
511-59405   5.11 Operator Belt 1.75"
511-56947   5.11 Range Qualifier Bag
511-59049   5.11 Range Ready Bag
511-64386   5.11 Women's Stryke Pants
FCSMG   Advanced Pistol/SMG Operator Course
FCART   Aerial Target Interdiction
ALT-HAT-T   ALTAIR Hat Tan - Patch
FCAJSP   ALTAIR Junior Shooting Program
ALT-patch-rwb   ALTAIR patch (red,white, blue)
VFCTP01   ALTAIR TV Tactical Pistol 1 Video
AT   Amy Test
MEM-Bronze   Bronze Membership
FCBWB3gun   BwB 3gun Camp with Kay and Lena Miculek
camo-ipad-covers   Camo ipad covers
CR55   Carbine Rental
OTIS-223   Cleaning Kit - Otis .223/5.56 Breech-to-Muzzle
OTIS-211   Cleaning Kit - Otis Deluxe Rifle/Pistol Cleaning System
OTIS-610   Cleaning Kit - Otis Pistol Breech-to-Muzzle
mem-Couples   Couples Membership
FCDCR1   Defensive Carbine Readiness - Level 1
FCDHL1   Defensive Handgun Level 1 - Seeklander
SD-Refuse   Fight Like a Girl…and Win!
CCP   FL Concealed Carry Permit Course
CCPT   FL Concealed Weapon License Test
Geko-9mm   Geko 9mm
MEM-Gold   Gold Membership
FCHET1   Handgun Elements Theory 1 (HET1)
FC-HRDPC   High-Risk Dignitary Protection Course
FCCQP   Home Defense Pistol Tactics
FCCQB   Home Defense/Close Quarters Tactics
FCIDPA   IDPA Strategy Course
FC3GIntro   Intro to 3 Gun
FCAK47Intro   Intro to AK47
FCKG3G   Keith Garcia 3Gun Class
Acc-Meal-2   Meal Plan for 2 Day Class
Acc-Meal-3   Meal Plan for 3 Day Class
Acc-Meal-Lunch-Only   Meal Plan Lunch Only
MEM-CorpMedium   Medium Corporate Membership
Mem-renew-bronze   Membership renewal - bronze
News   Newsletter Sign Up
FCNART   Night Fighter Aerial Target Interdiction
FCRSO   NRA Range Safety Officer (RSO) Course
MEM-Patriot   Patriot Membership
PR35   Pistol Rental
MEM-Platinum   Platinum Membership
FC-PI   Private Instruction
RailScales   RailScales
RF-Range   Range Fees
SD-REAL   Real-Estate-Awareness-Laboratory (R.E.A.L)
mem-renew-gold   Renew gold membership
Acc-3gunRTF-Barracks-Bed   Room Accommodations
Acc-3gunRTF-Duplex-Full   Room Accommodations
Acc-3gunRTF-Duplex-Room   Room Accommodations
Acc-Season   Room Accommodations
Acc-Room-discount-30   Room Accommodations - Go Ruck
Acc-nonseason   Room Accommodations - Special
RTFAcc   RTF Room Accommodations
Mem-Silver   Silver Membership
511-54000   Single Point Sling w/Bungee
MEM-CorpSmall   Small Corporate Membership
SmithOptics   Smith Optics - Aegis Arc Eyeshield Field Kit Clear
FCCarT1   Tactical Carbine 1
FCCarT2   Tactical Carbine 2
FCCCT1   Tactical Concealed Carry
FCTP01   Tactical Pistol 1
FCTP01-P   Tactical Pistol 1 - Package
FCTP02   Tactical Pistol 2
FCTP03   Tactical Pistol 3
FCPC1   Tactical Pistol/Carbine
FCPC2   Tactical Pistol/Carbine I&2
FCPS1   Tactical Pistol/Shotgun 1
FCTS   Tactical Shotgun
Sonic-Handgun   Ultra Sonic Handgun Cleaning
Sonic-Long-gun   Ultra Sonic Long gun Cleaning
WOA-Meet   Women of ALTAIR
FCWAP   Women's Alumni Pistol Skill Building
FCWCQP   Women's Home Defense Pistol Tactics
FCWTP01   Women's Pistol 1
SD-WFF   WOMEN’S Firearms Familiarization Workshop

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