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Tactical Pistol 2
Tactical Pistol 2

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Tactical Pistol II introduces you to the fine martial art of modern handgun defense. This ambitious course focuses on personal safety, home and street / vehicle defense. You will learn how to engage assailant targets, under varying light conditions, and from less than desirable shooting platforms, while gravitating toward a more realistic, fast-pace, stressful and confusing one. End result will not only elevate your confidence, competence and composure in the proficient handling of your firearm, but will enhance your overall survival and readiness posture.

Instructor Cazz served 12 years in the U.S. Marine Corps and was the Detachment Commander for the Maritime Special Purpose Raid Force during Operation Restore and Continued Hope in Somalia. Following his honorable service, he became a training lieutenant for a nuclear site preparing armed responders to defeat acts against radiological sabotage and later joined the ranks of the Federal Air Marshals

If you have a group of 10 or more individuals that would like to take this class, we will work with your schedule for training.

2 Days
Training Schedule: Arrival time is 7:30 with training starting at 8:00 am and ending at 6:00 pm with a night shoot after dinner on Saturday.
Cost: $500
Prerequisite: Tactical Pistol 1 Course
Ammo Requirement: 1200 rounds minimum

Meal and Room accommodations are available at the Regional Training Facility. Please
click here to register for on-site housing.

Course includes, but not limited to:
Range and Weapons Safety
Tac I Pistol Review
Mental Conditioning / Survival Mindset
Cover vs. Concealment
Drawing from Concealment
Dynamic Movement
Unconventional Shooting Positions
Defeating Angles
Structure Clearing Techniques
Verbal Persuasion & Challenges
Non-Threat Obstacles
Reduced Light Shooting Techniques (without aid of flashlight)
Flashlight Shooting Techniques
Vehicle Dismounting Techniques & Considerations
Final Training Exercise (FTX)

Equipment List:
Concealed Carry Vest, Jacket or Shirt
Handgun with a minimum of 3x magazines
Belt type Holster and pistol Magazine Pouches
Belt (must be able to support handgun, holster and equipment)
Tactical Light (handheld and weapon mount)
Dump Pouch
Eye and Ear Protection
Range Attire; comfortable and durable
Footwear; durable with lateral support
Ball cap
Knee and Elbow Pads (optional)
Rain Jacket
Small First Aid or Blow Out Kit
Weapon Cleaning Kit
Hand Towel
Sun Screen
Insect Repellant
Note Taking Material
Permanent Black Marker (Sharpee)